Sunday, July 22, 2007

Daily Update

Okay, so it's been a few days since I've studied. I actually had to take a break for my own health. You see, over the years I've gotten a case of tech neck. Back in January I purchased a sleep number bed and I haven't had a single incident since.

That was until last Tuesday night. I like a sleep number of about 65. My cat apparently does not. On that night, he preferred a sleep number of 0. In the middle of the night he managed to hold the remote down to deflate my bed completely. I woke up effectively sleeping on the floor. About two hours into work, my neck popped and I knew what was coming. Throughout the day my neck got progressively more sore, to the point that when I awoke the next morning I couldn't move my head at all. One day off work and countless Ibuprofen later and I'm almost back to normal.

I hope to be back to studying Monday night, if more important matters don't come up. It's hard enough to study for my CCIE when life doesn't interfere. But as bad as I want it, some things just make it pale in comparison.

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