Tuesday, July 24, 2007

IE Lab 4 complete

I completed IE lab 4 today. The remaining parts consisted of BGP, IPv6, QoS, and other miscellaneous stuff. Unfortunately, the router that I needed to run IPv6 OSPF wouldn't handle it (2501 running 12.3 IP Plus). So, I implemented it on another router but wasn't able to watch it peer with the border router. I also reviewed the configuration guide heavily to ensure I didn't miss anything.

There were a couple of shockers at the end. I never knew there was a menu command in IOS. I also had no idea about the "ip alias" and busy/refuse message commands.

All in all, I felt pretty comfortable once again with most of the lab. I still need to work on my understanding of QoS and multicast, and I need to get more comfortable with IPv6.

Now that Lab 4 is complete, per the guidelines I'm going to (re)do the core workbooks labs 1-3 before continuing on to Lab 5. I actually did the core labs 1-3 a few months back because I felt so overwhelmed by the workbook 1 labs. Thanfully, around workbook lab 2, combined with what I learned from the core and the class on demand, I finally got route redistribution (mostly) figured out and haven't had much trouble with it since. I just hope that stays.

Before I continue on with Lab 5, I'm also intending on doing the technology labs for Multicast, QoS, and the peering portion of BGP. With a little more experience with those I should really start tearing through the rest of the labs.

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