Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bootcamp scheduled

Once I passed the written, I decided I was probably going to attend a CCIE bootcamp. I got a heck of a lot of studying done so far this year and it's tough to keep dedicated with a 6 week old son and graduate school going on at the same time. I just so happened to get a marketing email from IPexpert this week and decided to follow up on it. The date, location, and price was right, so I went ahead and signed up. Apparently I get to actually take the class twice for the price of one, so I'm going the first time the end of September. Now I just have to work hard the next two weeks on my home rack before class starts to make sure I'm adequately prepared.

Unfortunately, studying didn't happen tonight.

On the left is my car which got hit while parked. My wife was standing on the passenger side and literally had to dive out of the way to avoid serious injury. Thankfully, everyone's fine.

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