Saturday, November 3, 2007

IPExpert Lab 22 Complete (sort of)

For once the core portion of the lab was pretty easy. I still have to get faster, but everything through BGP took about 5 hours. There's definitely some room for improvement. Primarily, this involves setting up everything in OSPF and BGP the first time. I have the tendancy to get everything up on OSPF and then setting up the virtual links and then encrypting. It'd be nice to do it all the first time rather than having to visit each router 3 or 4 times. The same goes with BGP adjacencies and reflectors/confederations. I bet hitting all of these in one shot would take a hour off the time.

The rest of the lab got pretty tough. Some of this, such as the logging section, was due to poor explanations and not having a proctor around to ask clarification. The VPN section was a wash. Same with a VMPS question on the advanced switch part. As always, some annoying ports to try to figure out. And then just when it seems as if the lab should be ending, in comes two IPv6 sections. One was easy, the other was pretty complicated.

So, I ended up running out of time. I'm intending of repeating Lab 21 due to the complicated redistribution. Well, I need to repeat this one, primarily to improve time management. This lab was supposed to be diffiult, with a complexity of 6.5. The next three labs are easier, at 4.5, and then the rest of the workbook looks pretty rough. So, I think I'll knock out the next three easier ones, and then repeat 21 and 22. And then I'll be into the hard ones. That should put me right about to January to where I'll be beginning to panic with the lab date getting close.

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