Saturday, November 10, 2007

IPExpert Lab 23 Complete

Ahhh, a much easier one for a change. There wasn't anything too complicated in here at all. I did make a couple of minor mistakes--completely skipped a small step and messed up a couple of access lists.

I spent a little more than than I would have liked on OSPF authentication and a poorly worded RIP section. Other than that, things went pretty well.

I took a different approach this time. First I setup the required parts of the Cats. Next, configured IGP, EGP, and anything else required on R1. I intentionally left off anything related to security, redistribution, or filtering at this point. Then I did the same with R2, ensuring all adjacencies, etc. formed with R1. I followed the same process until I got through all the routers. Then I went back through on the items I skipped--authentication, filtering, summaries, etc.

I felt pretty good about the way things went this way. By 2.5 hours, the entire core was up and connectivity was verified. At 4.5 hours, all advanced core features were completed. At this point I just picked off the advanced features one by one and had the whole lab finished in about 7 hours.

The nice part about this approach is that I get any design concerns out of the way early on because I'm getting end to end reachability up pretty fast and including BGP in that initial design. I'm also saving a lot of time because I'm not jumping back and forth between routers so much. The only real negative to this approach is I am jumping around in the workbook a lot so it makes it really easy to accidentally skip something.

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