Thursday, January 3, 2008

Catching Up

Ok, so I have some catching up to do. Here's what I've been up to:

End of November and early December: Focused on graduate school. Between parenting and finals and projects I had no time at all for studies.

Mid December: I managed to get back on the ball a little bit. I completed half of lab 24 but the baby decided not to cooperate and I needed to quit half way through. Besides, I was pretty worn out from the end of the semester and had the holidays coming up so my motivation was lacking.

Took a break for xmas.

Upon returning from xmas I got back on the ball. IEexpert had a nice mock lab sale so I took one on Sunday and another on New Years. I felt I understood the concepts pretty well and did alright with time management but dumb mistakes brought my score down to the 50s.

At this point I feel pretty close to being ready. Grad school starts up again the end of January, so I really wanted to take a shot before then so I could focus. Fortunately, a lab date opened up for 1/25/08 so I grabbed it. I have now paid and the date is set in stone.

I've drawn up my schedule over the next three weeks and I'm hopeful it will be enough:

1/5: repeat bootcamp lab 2
1/6: IE mock lab 3
1/8: IEcore 5 (speed drill)
1/10: IPexpert core 6 (speed drill)
1/12: repeat bootcamp lab 3
1/13: Proctor lab 2
1/15: IE core 7 (speed drill)
1/17: IE core 8 (speed drill)
1/19: repeat bootcamp lab 3
1/20: IE mock lab 4
1/21: IE core 9 (speed drill)
1/22: IE core 10 (speed drill)
1/23-24: reading and rest
1/25: give it my best shot

The plan here is to get a mix of new stuff, speed drills, and repeats. I still feel the bootcamp labs, especially 3, were tough and covered a very wide range of materials, which is why I'm repeating them twice. This gets me about 70 hours this month. It if doesn't go well on the 25th, I'll take a break during the Spring semseter and repeat the IPexpert bootcamp over the summer and set another course of action at that time.

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