Saturday, January 19, 2008

Continuing Bootcamp 3

54 points, 7:40

Yes, I'm running really far behind. Something I neglected to mention, I handled reachability a little differently. Usually I just filter the routes unless it says redundancy is required. I decided to make it hard on myself this time. Playing with the Distance and tags and policy routing, even though not necessarily required, taught me a heck of a lot. Tomorrow's mock lab #5, that's the one I'll be focusing on time with.

Starting Task 20, 3:40pm

3:55 Task 20 complete, 4 points. This was evil because the switchport was to only allow 1 mac address. So for the standby router, I had to "use-bia"

5:00pm Task 21 complete. 4 points. More fun with different strategies. Rather than using an as-path list, I tried it with manual communities. Took a bit to figure out. The problem was when using a route-map with dapening, I must use a match clause and a set dapening clause

On break

Returned from break, 7:25pm

7:42 Task 22 complte, DocCD fun

8:27 Task 23 complete, 4 points

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