Sunday, January 13, 2008

Continuing Bootcamp Lab #2

11:05am Configs from yesterday loaded and verified
11:27am TASK 17 complete,3 points--multicast went much better since doing IE mcast labs
11:37am Task 18 complete, 3 points
12:07pm Task 19 complete, 5 points
12:25pm Task 20 complete, 5 points--the MBGP stuff is still a little bit over my head
12:46pm Task 21 complete, 4 points
12:57 Task 22 complete, 2 ponts--easy, I was just distracted
1:12 Task 24 complete, 4 points--easy, took extra time for verification
1:23 Task 25 complete, 4 points
1:26 Task 26 complete, 2 points
1:30 Task 27 complete, 3 points
1:47 Task 28 complete, 2 points
1:47 Task 29 complete, 2 points
2:00 Task 30 complet, 2 points--it's "ip telnet"

I still intnetionally skipped task 5. It was only worth 3 points and would have taken a bit of time. First, I hate cos-maps. Second, it required changing Cat3 to transparent mode. Since pruning was enabled, this could have had undesired effects on trunked traffic. So, I would have then probably had to turn off pruning for specific vlans. Next, it would have probably taken a few minutes to find "switchcore wirespeed" in the doc cd. And finally, I'm not a big fan of smart macros, for anything other than pinging. So, I was more than happy to throw away 3 points.

All in all, I'm glad I repeated this lab. I understood a lot more about what was going on than I did back in September. I also didn't have to look much up on the doc cd.

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