Saturday, January 19, 2008

Continuing Bootcamp Lab 3

Here we go, the last weekend before the lab on Friday. Time to get real. The following topics scare me

  • Advanced NAT configurations, such as NAT on a stick
  • Advanced bridging configurations, such as frame relay bridging
  • Advanced Multicast configurations, pretty much anything beyond anycast
  • MLS QoS, particulary cos maps and distributed configs
  • Advanced Redistribution

I'll need to put some time into all of these topics this weekend. For now though I'm going to finish off bootcamp lab 3. At this point I'm 4 hours in.

6:15am Initial configs loaded

7:00am Task 15 complete, 3 points

7:00am Task 16 complete, 5 points--I don't see anything saying I can't use policy-routing here

7:00am IGP complete, pingtests complete

7:30am Have to do some rl work for a few minutes. Currently hung up on an annoying BGP peer that won't come up. Oops, there it is. Have to remember that inter confederation peerings are like ebgp and require multihop

8:45am Ok, work's done and I grabbed breakfast too

8:50am Task 17 complete, 3 points

8:58am Task 18 complete, 3 points

9:30am taking a break

10:45am back from break

11:20am Task 19 complete, some bgp next hop issues to resolve and some conferation as-lists

12:30 External Ping testing complete. This was one of the more complicated BGP scenerios I've dealt with. It consisted of 2 additional points of redistribution required and a router not running BGP next to one of the BB routers. That created an interesting scenerio because I had to redistribute into IGP and then use policy routing to adjust the next hop so the routes continued to go the correct way. Additionally, a bunch of distance modifications were needed. Finally, something I have not run into before. BGP by default will NOT allow you to redistribute internal routes into an IGP. The command bgp redistribute-internal allows for this. However, it warns that this will create a mess, and indeed it does. Every router needed to be adjusted so that OSPF had a higher AD than BGP so that everything remained reachable. Why did the task take so long? About 45 minutes were spent learning the BGP internal redistribution situation.

Time to move on to the non-core portion of the lab

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