Friday, January 4, 2008

Doc CD

Here begins a new installment of my review of the Doc CD. I'll begin with the 3560 Switch Software Configuration guide.

Cisco IOS CNS Agents
The Cisco Configuration Engine automates network device and service deployment
There are 3 components: Configuration service, Event Service, and Data service directory
Initial Configuration works as follows
  • When the switch comes up, it attempts to get an IP address from DHCP
  • If no DHCP server on the subnet, the switch acts as a relay agent
  • The DHCP server assigns an IP address, TFTP server address, path to bootstrap, and gateway
  • The switch configures the IP address to VLAN 1 and attempts to download the bootstrap config file
  • The Cisco IOS agents talk to the configuration engine using the ConfigID and EventID.
  • The Configuration engine maps the config id to a template and downloads the configuration file to the switch

The prerequisites are

  • Access switch: must be factory default
  • Distribution switch: IP helper address and ip routing if a gateway
  • DHCP Server: scope configured with tftp and path to config
  • TFTP server: bootstrap config with CNS configuration commands
  • CNS configuration engine: templates mapped to configids

Since I'm assuming the lab won't have much of this available, my guess would be the only likely part would be to enable the CNS event agent and configuration agent on the switch. To do that:

  • cns event
  • cns config connect-intf
  • config-cli
  • cns id
  • cns config initial

to initiate a partial config

  • cns config partial

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