Sunday, January 6, 2008

IE Mock Lab #3

I must confess, I'm hooked on the IE mock labs. I was nervous that they were going to start charging $250 for them again, but they extended their $99 special through the end of January. This works pretty well for me since my lab is scheduled January 25th.

Why do I like them? First off, the challenge level seems to be just right--they're just a little bit beyond me. So I can see what is being asked for, I just need to push myself a little bit. Also, the questions are clear and don't seem to be trying to trick you, just to really make sure you know what you're doing. And of course having them graded and a very detailed solutions guide is a big plus.

Here we go.

6:00am Printed out the materials. This one looks scary from the topology standpoint!
6:40am Diagrams Completed. Created BGP and Layer 2 diagrams as well this time
7:09am Readthrough completed
7:21am Task 1.1 completed, no issues
7:25am Task 1.2 completed, no issues
7:42am Task 1.3 completed. Wasted time assuming it was back-to-back frame relay and disabled keepalives. Also, task states "point-to-point" yet requirements don't allow it. It'd be nice to be able to ask a proctor for clarification.
Task 1.4 skipping for now
7:50am Task 1.5 complete, had to lookup end-to-end keepalives on the doc cd. Knew what to look for
8:04am Task 1.6 completed--stupid phantom space got me :(

TASK 1 complete, 10 of 12 points

8:34am Task 2.1 competed--L2 diagram helped IMMENSELY
9:07am Task 2.2 completed--had to research dot1q tunneling, especially getting CDP to pass
9:07am Task 2.3 already completed with Task2.1
9:07am Task 2.4 already completed with Task 2.1
9:07am Task 2.5 already completed with Task 2.1
9:16 Skipping Task 2.6
9:16 Task 2.7 alrerady completed with Task 2.1
9:16 Task 2.8 already completed with Task 2.1
9:20 Task 2.9 Completed

Task 2 complete, 18 of 20 points. (28 Total)

9:39 Task 3.1 completed
9:39 Task 3.2 completed, pretty sure authentication is correct
9:47 Task 3.4 completed
10:02 Task 3.5 completed
10:09 Task 3.6 completed, had to lookup k value order
10:15 Task 3.7 completed--some offset-list trickery
10:21 Task 3.8 completed
10:23 Task 3.9 completed
10:59 Task 3.10 completed --not bad time for figuring out redistribution. It looked a lot worse than it was. A couple of distance statements on a router did the trick. It was basically an EIGRP transit router that had an OSPF interface. Since OSPF distance is better than EIGRP external, the EIGRP routes weren't passing through. Setting OSPF external and inter-area distance to 180 did the trick.

TASK 3 complete, 24 out of 24 points (52 total)

11:00 performed mass reboot and am going to lunch. Will perform ping test upon returning.

Thoughts on lab so far: Not bad. As I previously mentioned, these IE mock labs seem to be just right for the level I'm at. Some tasks that make me think, but nothing I can't figure out. Looking back at my times, I'm not disappointed with anything. I'm a little concerned that I only have 3 hours left, but on the bright side if my scores are correct I only need to pick up 28 points in those 3 hours.

11:20 Continuing
12:07 Ping Test complete. Thank goodness for the mass reboot and the ping scripts. My virtual link didn't come back up. This was due to its cost being 65535. I had to adjust the bandwidth on the link inbetween to get this to come up.

Skipping Multicast for now

12:19 Task 5.1 not complete. I have no idea how to configure sw1 to obtain its ipv6 address automatically
12:24 Task 5.1 complete. Remembered I have to change the sdm before I can use ipv6 on sw1
12:37 Task 5.2 complete. I'm calling it complete. R1 doesn't seem to support OSPVv3.

Task 5 Complete. 5 of 5 points (57 total)

12:52 Task 6.1 complete--got mark-probability confused with exponential weighting constant
12:54 Task 6.2 complete

Task 6 Complete. 5 out of 5 points (62 total)

1:00 Task 7.1 complete
7.2 skipped

Task 7 Complete, 3 out of 5 points (65 total)

1:09 Task 8.1 complete
1:18 Task 8.2 complete. Couldn't set the message for some reason.

Task 8 complete, 6 out of 6 points (71 total)

1:32 Task 9.1 complete
1:36 Task 9.2 complete

Task 9 complete, 5 out of 5 points (76 total)

1:58 Task 10.1 complete
2:05 Task 10.2 complete
2:10 Task 10.3 complete
2:15 Task 10.4 complete

Task 10 complete, 12 out of 12 points (88 total)
Time's up!!! Well, if I didn't make any mistakes, I'll have passed. Now I'll go ahead and try to clean up the remaining tasks.

2:24 Task 1.4 complete
Task 2.6, I'll have to look this one up. Didn't think you could block a root port
I'm completely stuck on the igmp proxy piece, will have to look into that

Time to watch my son. Hopefully I didn't miss much on what I think I got correctly.

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