Tuesday, January 15, 2008

IPExpert Multiprotocol Challenge G

I liked the requirements of this one and with a challenge of only 5 I should be able to buzz through it relatively quickly. Since it's a weeknight, I need to be done by midnight. So, without much time to waste here I go.

6:30pm lab started
6:56pm diagrams and readthrough complete
7:00pm initial configs loaded, 1 point
7:30pm basic configuration completed, 3 points
7:32pm WAN configuration completed, 12 points
8:45pm I'm calling it a night. I got hung up on something really stupid in switching. I was even more frustated when the workbook game me a stupid answer for what I was stuck on. I've made it really clear to myself that I have absolutely no clue what the port-priority command does. I'm going to have to research this. I'll be back Thursday.

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