Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mock Lab back and More Multicast

For IE Mock lab 3, the score was a 63. In actuality, there were some problems with the router code versions. For example, R1 wouldn't accept ospfv3 commands. So my real score was a 70. Once again, some dumb mistakes cost me.

  • Missed portfast on some interfaces: 2 pts
  • Missed a community string: 3 pts
  • Misconfigured RMON: 3 pts
  • Sent DHCP requests to the wrong place: 3 pts
  • Missed a BGP peer: 6 pts

So, sans dumb mistakes my score was a 88. This makes me feel pretty dang good, since this lab was supposed to be equivalent in difficulty to the real thing. Also, I seem to be gaining 10 points a week on the actual scores of the mock labs. It's always nice to see progress.

I intended on finishing off the Multicast labs on Thursday, but my family has dinner plans so I moved it up to Wednesday. Honestly, I feel this was a bit of a mistake. I'm already studying close to 20 hours over the weekend. Two consecutive nights during the week is a bit much. Even though i was feeling a little burnt out, I forced myself through the remainder of the multicast labs. I learned a couple of little pieces of information:

  • Anycast requires that the RPs be joined by MSDP. I never realized this before
  • Running multicast over BGP requires the address-family commands under BGP. I've seen these before but haven't really messed with them so I need to do some more research

Other than that, the scenerios weren't nearly as eye opening as yesterdays.

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