Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Multicast Refresher

I've been struggling with Multicast and it's obvious I just don't get it. So tonight I decided to start going though the IE workbook 1 multicast session. The IE workbook 1 parts are great when I just need to immerse myself in a particular technology. However, it gets very redundant and monotonous, so it's not generally my idea of fun. I think they intentionally have it set up so you're constantly undoing and redoing configs.

On the bright side, it works wonders on muscle memory. It is also very detailed on the show and debug commands. I went through a whole bunch of the BGP tasks a few months back and felt it really helped me out there. I'd actually consider BGP one of my stronger areas, thanks in part to that and in part to actually using it at work now.

So I did about half the multicast tasks so far. At the beginning, I rolled my eyes becasue the tasks just seemed too easy. But once I followed along with the debugs and show commands, I feel I did learn a thing or two. As a bonus, I made a couple of mistakes and did have to do some troubleshooting.

I've been torn as to whether to speed drills or what on Tuesday and Thursday nights since I just want to spend a couple of hours. I think the Multicast section will work nicely for Thursday. We'll see what I want to do next week depending on how this weekend's labs go.

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