Saturday, January 5, 2008

Proctor Labs Ebook #2

Well, I was hoping to redo IPexpert bootcamp lab 2, but I couldn't get a hold of the initial configs yet so I have to pass on it for now. Instead I'll go for Proctor Labs Ebook #2.

Start time: 8:24am
8:36 Diagram completed
8:56 1st Read through completed
9:38 Routers IP addresses, basic OSPF, and iBGP completed
10:52 Layer 2 complete. Took way too long configuring spanning-tree root. The question said "forward" and I assumed "root".
11:40 IGP completed. Took a little while to find "ip ospf flood-reduction" in the doccd
11:58 Internal ping test completed. Found a mistake in the lab that took some time to correct.
1:44 eBGP completed. Another mistake in the backbone configs.
1:51 External ping test completed
2:01 returned from break
2:50 multicast completed. First time I've messed with BSR so it took a little longer
3:13 QoS completed
3:45 Lab ended. two tasks not complete

Some tricky wording cost me some time when configuring spanning tree
Mistakes in the diagram and configs cost me some time as well. A proctor would have helped (I hope!)
Never touching BSR before wasted some time
Otherwise, I'd say the lab wasn't bad

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