Saturday, February 23, 2008

CCIE Assessor Results

I cannot get into many details here due to restrictions.

I did not pass. I broke this down into three reasons:
40% stupid mistakes
40% not enough time
20% not enough knowledge

Stupid mistakes hurt me on switching and redistribution. The main fault here was lack of verification.

Lack of time hurt me on Multicast and IP Services. I mostly blame this on not looking things up on the DocCd. If I had more time I would have looked them up and more than likely got correct.

Lack of knowledge hurt me on Multicast and QoS. There were items here I more than likely wouldn't have got correct, even if I had enough time.

So what does this mean? If I make no stupid mistakes, verify everything, and use the DocCd exhaustively for anything questionable, I can barely pass.

I have 8 days left until my next attempt. I need to get better with Multicast, QoS, and IP Services quickly. As far as stupid mistakes--VERIFY EVERYTHING!!!

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