Saturday, February 2, 2008

H Continued

11:50 back from lunch
12:17 OSPF complete, 10 points
12:32 pingtests complete
12:42 BGP complete, 10 points
12:52 Router Redundancy complete, 8 points
1:04 Multicast complete, 9 points
1:40 IPv6 addressing complete, 8 points
3:45 had to take a break at about 2:30 for some other commitments. Now I ran out of time. I was most of the way through ipv6 routing, so I'll give myself 6 of 9 points.
I'll do QoS in notepad by hand
3:57 QoS completed, 5 points

7 hours
97 points

The focus of this lab was obviously IPv6. I was disappointed I ran out of time because it was a pretty difficult IPv6 scenerio. I was picking things off one by one, just hadn't quite had it finished yet.

Interestingly, there was no ipv6 routing protocol running in between two ipv6 IGPs. I setup a tunnel to overcome this. The answers went with a default route and policy routing instead.

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