Saturday, February 2, 2008

IPExpert Multiprotocol Challenge H

7:36 Lab started
7:51 IP, routing, and BGP diagrams complete
8:20 readthrough and initial configs complete
8:21 Infrastructure complete, 1 point
8:30 Basic configuration complete, 3 points
9:20 WAN almost complete. Need to find RFC2427
9:30 found it--frame-relay ietf, WAN complete, 12 points
10:42 LAN configuration complete, 9 points
10:51 RIP complete, 6 points
11:20 EIGRP complete, 10 points
11:20 lunch started

Lunchtime thoughts
  • I spent some extra time trying to get fallback bridging to work. I have to keep remembering that it doesn't bridge IP. The question I was working on obviously had some tricky wording. I caught onto that right away, but wanted to go ahead and try it the hard way. It didn't work, so I eventually reverted back to the other way.
  • I wonder if there is a way to verify the DE bit is getting set
  • I'm assuming /31 is the most effective use of point-to-point IPs
  • It took a while to figure out RFC2427 was frame-rel IETF. I never could find it on the DocCD, but I found it by doing an interface-level "encap frame-rel ?". I had a feeling this was frame-relay from the start but I wanted to try to verify it. Since it was an RFC, HDLC was ruled out. So that pretty much left PPP or frame-rel IETF.
  • I learned something new about MSTP. I was always setting the costs wrong before. I need to set the cost for the instance of MSTP, not the STP way. This explains a lot of confusion I was having regarding priority in the past.

3:44 down, 41 points complete

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