Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mock Lab 5 Score

I scored a 71 on IE Mock Lab #5. Still not passing, but this was ranked a 9/10 so I'm pretty happy with the performance. I'm also getting closer to my score estimates--only 13 points off this time. Here's what I missed that I didn't expect:

Configured an IP on an interface instead of on a vlan, as specified on the diagram. I changed two of these from the initial config, but I must have missed one. -2
Loopbacks were not summarized. I'm suprised here, I spent quite a bit of time on them. It's possible some of my later EGP redistribution broke this again. -2
Missed an OSPF adjacency password. -2
Incorrect IGP metric. -2
Multicast, -4 because of incorrect L2 vlan.
I seem to have lost a point in the wash somewhere.

Lessons learned
  • Compare the diagram to the configuration for review. Device by device.
  • Re-verify summarizations and metrics after EGP is complete
  • Check each ip ospf interface for authentication

These mistakes were nothing to do with the complexity of the lab. I think I just get overwhelmed with review near the end of the lab and don't check every little detail. This happened to me on the actual lab as well. I need to get more disciplined with this.

With the difficulty of this lab, I really feel I have a pretty strong grasp of the technologies and concepts. I just have to do better at verification. Because of this I'm going to adjust my study schedule to the following:

2/16: IE Mock Lab #1. Pretty easy and I better get near 100% on it. Only 41% last time due to little mistakes.

2/17: IE lab #12. Just taking this for the sake of practicing with something new.

2/23: Cisco CCIE Assessor. By now I better be doing a good job of verification. I want to make sure I'm doing tasks to Cisco's level of expectation.

2/24: IE Lab #16. Again, doing something new.

3/1: Rest

3/2: Lab Attempt #2

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