Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BSCI Complete

The exam ended up more or less as I was expecting. Some parts were relatively easy, some were a pain, and always an overabundance of annoying questions that seem more to be out to test attention to detail rather than knowledge.

My score was a bit higher than on QoS, and passing, but still low enough where I'm not concerned that I overstudied for the exam.

On to BGP+MPLS, which will complete the CCIP. After that it's finally onto the SP Written, which will renew my CCIE certification.

Even though I'm planning on doing the SP lab after that, it is a little tempting to just knock out all of the professional level exams. I have enough experience in Voice and Security as well where I could probably hit an exam every couple of weeks and have the CCVP and CCSP complete by the end of the year.

The CCIE lab is just such a time and energy suck. But I'm leaning toward going ahead and studying for the lab sonner rather than later. There are three main reasons for this.

First, I'll be freshest on the lab material after just studying for the CCIP and written. If I switch tracks I'll probably have to relearn a few things.

Second, assuming I eventually pass the Service Provider lab, I can then jump right into the CCSP, which would give me a break before working on the Security lab. I'm definitely saving voice for fourth just because it has the reputation for being the toughest. Storage would be last since I have absolutely no experience with it and it will probably take me a lot longer.

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