Thursday, September 18, 2008

Failed 642-691 BGP+MPLS

I attempted the BGP+MPLS exam and didn't quite make it. I was hoping my good knowledge of BGP would be enough to carry my through my limited MPLS knowledge.

The BGP portion went fine. I'd estimate I got over 90% on those questions. Unfortunately many of the MPLS questions were from areas I didn't study enough on. That being said, I had an idea on many of the MPLS questions, I just wasn't quite sure what the correct answer was.

The bottom line is I have to do a lot of studying on MPLS VPNs. I think if I get more comfortable with them I'll be ready to go. I'll try to focus on that topic and take the exam again next week.


Anonymous said...

Hard luck, im sure with a chance to study a little longer, and some lab time, you'll pass the BGP+MPLS without too much trouble.

Good Luck,

Ed said...

Thanks! The main reason I'm going for the CCIP was to have a learning path for the CCIE. So I deserve this after trying to cut corners and get by with a minimum of MPLS understanding. It will probably help me out in the long run that I failed this exam and have to retake it.

Aragoen Celtdra said...

You should have until mid-October to take advantage of Cisco's second chance?

If time is not of the essence, might as well take this whole month to prepare for it and use the second chance offer just before it expires. The way I look at it, you give yourself more chance to pass and at the same time, it's more knowledge gained towards achieving the next big prize :)