Friday, October 10, 2008

Failed BGP+MPLS Again!

I tried to pass 642-691 again today and once again I didn't make it. My score actually went down. My wife asked me if that means I got stupider--apparently I have!

So what to do now? Do I split them up and take BGP and MPLS exams separately, or keep banging my head against the wall on this exam.

I'm going to digest this for a bit and make up my mind when I'm a little less pissed off at the people who make up these ridiculous questions!


Ahmed said...


For the CCIP exams, you need to read MPLS & VPN Architectures I. That has a lot of the MPLS relevant for the ccip exam.

The most popular application by far is the vpn feature of mpls and that is what Cisco targets their exam for.

That might explain why you didn't pass, you were probably focused on all that cell-mode/frame-mode lingo that you probably will not see on the exam.

Ahmed said...

I work at an ISP and I deal w/ the PE-CE aspect of mpls a lot.

alex smith said...

Hardware proxy is good. The ancient Cisco VPN software clients, which low end firewalls (VPN routers, whatever the manufacturer happens to call them)