Saturday, November 15, 2008

Central Service MPLS VPNs Complete

I found this lab really neat. They had me go back to RIP as the PE-CE routing protocol, which was nice to help me commit the syntax to memory. The trick this time was I had to create 4 different vrf's and allow the R5 vrf to act as a central services VPN. This acts kind of like a promiscuous port in switching terminology: all the other vrfs can access it, but individual vrfs are isolated from each other.

The interesting part here is I finally got to play around with import/export route targets. It actually worked pretty intuitively. Under the R5 vrf, I configured it to import and export all of the other route-targets. Once RIP propagated about 30 seconds later, everything magically worked. That was all there was to it. Way too easy.

The solutions guide specified to import R5 into the other 3 vrfs, instead of exporting to the other vrfs from R5. It appears to be 6 one way and a half dozen the other, but I do wonder if there is a standard to try to import when possible. Sort of like in an access-list it's a good idea to set it up inbound. This makes sense on an access-list because filtering it ingress saves processor time and bandwidth utilization.

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Studying the same part and I guess yeah we share the same feeling...