Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Little Redemption

I passed the BGP exam today with a lot of room to spare. There were a lot more questions on this than on the BGP+MPLS exam, with a lower passing score to boot. A few of the questions were tricky, but for the most part they were pretty much what I was expecting.

So on the bright side, I now know I was doing pretty well on the BGP portion of the BGP+MPLS exam. The problem with this is I was doing a heck of a lot worse on the MPLS portion. If my scores were similar, that would mean I must have been getting approximately 50% on the MPLS portion of the combined exam.

Now it's time to focus on MPLS. I've tried just reading books and that doesn't seem to help it sink in. I ran into the same thing with BGP a few years back and just didn't "get it" until I did enough labs. It may be time for the same approach with MPLS.

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