Friday, December 12, 2008

Holding Pattern

Since it's taken me so long to get the CCIP, I went ahead and took 350-001 again to recertify my CCIE. I just squeaked by, but I didn't study at all for the exam. I still find that exam particularly annoying.

So I've been back an forth trying to decide if I want to even bother with the CCIP or not. I think I'm going to take another stab at either the MPLS exam or the BGP+MPLS exam. I just don't feel up to studing for the SP written yet.


ahenning said...

Hi Ed, if you passed your ccie in March 08 shouldnt you only have to recertify on/before march 2010?

Ed said...

Yes, but the CCIE recertification process works an interesting way. Passing the recertification exam the first time actually extends the date by adding 2 years to the date of your lab--not 2 years from the date of passing the recertification exam.

Before recertifying, my CCIE was set to expire in March, 2010.

By passing the CCIE written, it now expires in March, 2012.

So this way I passed the written while things are still fresh in my mind, and now I don't have to pass another exam for nearly 4 years to keep my CCIE active.

ahenning said...

I see, was not aware of that. Congrats!

Route Target said...

Good luck in general, but if can help it don't go suspended. I did that and just as you mentioned, they keep your anniversary date of your passing the lab. So even though I passed a written to go recertified, I still had to take one again very soon after that in order to recert again. If you are on odd years, you will always be on odd years and the same goes for even.

Let me know when you take your written as I am curious how it goes. I took the technology specific exams just over 2 years ago, which are now defunct in favor of the single SP written. I also went down the CCIP track and the prep for the MPLS portion of things did help with the general knowledge section of the old SP-writtens. I imagine that it is the same now.

Best wishes,
Route Target