Monday, December 22, 2008

Passed CCIE SP Written 350-029

I thought I'd take a stab at the SP Written before year's end. I've heard rumors that this exam wasn't nearly as nasty as the R&S Written.

There was the standard 10-20% of questions that were just plain ridiculously hard. Aside from those, I'd say easily 50% of the exam is pretty basic to anyone with a CCNP and CCIP level of knowledge. Heck, quite a few of the questions were more on the CCNA level to be honest.

So that leaves the remaining 30%. They were difficult but strangely it was pretty easy to weed out the wrong answers. The usual questions such as, "Pick the best 4 out of 6". I'd have no idea about the 4 to pick. But two obviously didn't belong since they were part of a different technology altogether.

As far as written exams go, I'd rank them as follows in order of difficulty:

R&S Written: 9
Remaining CCNP and CCIP exams: 8
SP Written: 7

That's how I feel. If you know the CCIP and CCNP material, 50% the questions on the SP Written exam are actually easier than what's found in the professional level. So if you can deductively eliminate incorrect answers and get lucky on a few of the other half of the exam, you should be able to pass it.

And now it's time to begin studying for the lab. I'll put a study plan together in the coming days. I'm hoping to shoot for my first attempt in April or May.


Aragoen Celtdra said...

That was quick! =) Congrats!

slt said...

Cheer! Looking forward
I am also walking the same way with you.

And I will sit written on coming saturday.

Ed said...

Good luck slt, I hope your experience with the exam is the same as mine.

ahenning said...

Congrats Ed, as Aragoen said, it was quick from CCIP to SP written.

Anonymous said...


When you took it, what is
the 350-029 passing score

Many Thanks