Monday, December 22, 2008

SP Materials, and lack thereof

I don't have a lab date setup yet, but hypothetically I'd like to take the lab around April. I know from R&S that I need a good three months to prepare.

There are only 10 full Volume II labs in the Internetwork Expert labs, as opposed to 20 in the R&S curriculum. I wouldn't expect this to be too much of a problem since I really only went through 10 of the full workbook labs for R&S anyway.

That leaves 3 main gaps to cover. In R&S I relied heavily on a one week bootcamp, about 5 graded mock labs, and the CCIE Assessor.

In actuality, those three pieces were the most helpful to get me ready to tackle the CCIE itself, rather than specifically R&S material. So I think I can still take a couple of graded R&S mock labs to ensure my accuracy is ok. I'm hoping I won't need a bootcamp this time around, but I'm open to it depending on how the studying goes.

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