Monday, December 22, 2008

Study Plan

The following is a rough draft of my SP Lab study plan. I don't have a date set yet so this will become more precise once I do. I plan (so far) to use Internetwork Expert for all of my studying. The basic timeline that was successful last time was 1 month of studying one practice lab per week, and then two months of two practice labs per week leading up to the actual lab.

Already completed: Volume 1 MPLS VPN labs.

Week of 12/21: Remaining Volume 1 MPLS labs.
Week of 12/28: Volume 1 Multilcast labs.

1/4: Volume II lab 1
1/11: Volume II lab 2
1/18: Volume II lab 3
1/25: Volume II lab 4
1/31: Volume II lab 5

2/1: Volume II lab 6
2/7: Volume II lab 7
2/8: Volume II lab 8
2/14: R&S Graded Mock lab
2/15: Volume II lab 9
2/21: CCIE Assessor R&S
2/22: Volume II lab 10
2/28: R&S Graded mock lab
2/29: Repeat of one of the Volume II labs

So this puts me taking the lab sometime in March. Hopefully I can find a date around there. I'm still waiting for my exam to clear the CCIE site so I can see what dates are available. I should know within the next day or two.


Ahenning said...

Hi Ed, what is the availability of the exam dates like for SP? And which locations?

Ed said...

I only looked at RTP, but going a month out pretty much any date was available.