Saturday, January 10, 2009

IE Vol 2 Lab 1 Wrap-up

Some thoughts on this lab:

Layer 2:
Everything but Cell Mode MPLS was simple. I would expect switching and frame-relay to be MUCH simpler than what was on the R&S lab.
Regarding Cell Mode, this was literally the first time I touched it. I realized quickly I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.
Next step: Watch the CoD

This section was simple as well. Not much to single area OSPF.
Next step: Read the message board to see why point-to-multipoint non-broadcast was used instead of non-broadcast

Everything was straightforward here until task 3.4, bestpath selection. I did put some time into this and couldn't figure it out. I'm looking at the solution and I'm not sure about it.
Next step: Lab this up in dynamips.

I skipped TE mostly because it was only 3 points and a lot of work for those 3 points.
Next step: Redo a Vol 1 TE lab as penance.

The Internet Access task was the first time I did route leaking. But I understood the theory enough to get this working relatively easily. The key is the destination interface and the ip must both be stated on a multipoint interface in the static route.

This was the first time I've configured VRF NAT. I almost had it, but debugs were complaining about host unreachable. Turned out I completely missed the route-target import so I didn't have a route back to the source. If I were more confident in NAT I would have continued troubleshooting--it was certainly solvable if I wasn't so "sure" it was a NAT issue.

Next step: Watch NAT CoD

IP Multicast:
I apparently did a pretty big brain dump on Multicast.

Next step:
Do Vol 1 Multicast labs

QoS: Skipped
Next step: Do Vol1 QoS lab

Security: Skipped
Next step: Review tasks, research doccd for anything that's not obvious

System Management: Skipped
Next step: Review tasks, research doccd for anything that's not obvious

All in all, I am pretty please with the way this went. It was a HECK of a lot better than my first ever R&S full lab. A few takeaways but nothing extravagant. Once I complete the next steps I'll move on to lab 2, but may come back to repeat this one later.

Final Score: 55/100

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