Saturday, January 17, 2009

IE Vol1 PIM Dense Mode Complete

This exercise was pretty simple, but I really enjoyed going through the show commands and debugs to refresh my memory on how to troubleshoot multicast. In R&S I definitely felt as if multicast was my weakest subject. I want to spend a lot more time on it before the SP lab to make sure it's second nature to me.

There really isn't a whole lot to dense mode. But the exercise had me bring up ip sla to start a flow, and then use debug ip pim and sh ip mroute to watch the flow get pruned back because there are no receivers. After watching this, I added a receiver to the far end of the network. Sure enough, the debugs showed graft messages and sh ip mroute showed that the path was no longer pruned. Finally, turning off ip mroute-cache and debug ip mpacket showed the packets flowing.

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