Thursday, February 19, 2009

IE Vol 2 Lab 1 Repeat Continued

All I can say is task 4.4 is awful!

For starters I'll admin TE is far from my strongest subject. That being said, the scenario in the lab just plain does not work.

To begin with, extreme care must be taken to ensure ip rsvp bandwidth and mpls traffic-eng tunnels is added to all interfaces in the path. Missing a single one will kill the tunnel and make troubleshooting very difficult.

Next, there is apparently an incompatibility with using dynamic TE paths if there is an ospf non-broadcast link in the path. Since the lab calls for this, the dynamic tunnel will not come up. One work around is to change that link type to point-to-multipoint non-broadcast.

Finally, even after fixing everything I still couldn't get the tunnel up. I checked with one of my CCIE SP coworkers, and he was going to hop on to take a look. Of course, once I powered everything up the TE tunnel came right up. Apparently something got hung and required a reboot to clear.

On the bright side, I feel I did get a lot of experience troubleshooting TE tunnels. The most useful commands I used were:

sh ip rsvp int
sh mpls traf tun
sh mpls traf link int
sh mpls traf topo
sh ip ospf data (the Opaque Link Area section)

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