Thursday, February 19, 2009

IE Vol 2 Lab 1 Repeat Continued

5.1 Complete, no issues
5.2 Complete, no issues
5.3 Complete, no issues
5.4 Complete, no issues

5.5 Complete. Now this one took me awhile. I'm really not that great with NAT on routers. I've spent a lot more time with it on firewalls, so it always takes me awhile to get the differences under control. Fortunately, the doccd has a great vrf nat section. I just always seem to forget to assign the nat inside and nat outside interfaces. Once that was done, it came right up. debug ip nat vrf came in pretty handy.

5.6 complete, no issues
5.7 complete, no issues

6.1 Complete. I'm actually getting a lot better at multicast now. Things are finally starting to click--it only took me 1.5 CCIEs to get there.

6.2 So much for feeling comfortable with multicast. Now I had no idea what I was doing here. I must confess, I skipped the vol 1 mpls multicast section. There really isn't too much more to this, and there's a great link on the doccd, even it if is a bit hard to find. It's under 12.2, new features, 12.2.T.13, Multicast VPN. The bottom line is a mdt group needs to be created under the vrf, loopback 0 needs to be configured for ip pim sparse-mode, and any RPF issues in the core relating to the mdt group must be resolved.

6.3 No problem after 6.2 is complete.

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