Sunday, February 15, 2009

IE Vol 2 Repeat

Ok, this time I'm going to take my time and go through every single bit of vol 2 lab 1 to make sure I have it all down pat.

1.1 Complete, piece of cake
1.2 Dynamips doesn't seem to support "switchport protected"
1.3 No problem
1.4 No problem
1.5 No problem
1.6 I got hung up here because I don't know how to read. A VPI/VCI control pair is specified for R1. I tried to apply this to R1 and R9 and then the bindings wouldn't come up. Once I removed the mpls atm control-vc from R9, all was good.

2.1 No problem
2.2 No problem
2.3 No problem

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