Tuesday, February 24, 2009

IE Vol 2 Section 2

2.1 Basic IS-IS config. It did take me a while to figure out how to configure IS-IS on the ATM interface.

debug isis adjacency-events spelled out the issue right away:
ISIS-Adj: Encapsulation failed for L2 LAN IIH on ATM4/0

To resolve this, the neighbor clns net address, along with clns broadcasts, needed to be mapped to the pvc. According to the solutions guide, it looks like I could have just mapped address 00, along with broadcasts, instead of the full net address, to save a little bit of time.

2.2 No problems, if I can't assign the interface, then redistribution does the trick. The solutions guide says to use the passive-interface isis, which is good to know. But my solution works fine as well.

2.3 The instructions ommited a few links that were on the diagram, but aside from that no issues. I LOVE the simplified routing in SP. As usual, a loopback needs to be changed to point-to-point to report its subnet mask appropriately.

2.4 OSPF fast hello timers report links down in less than a second.

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