Sunday, March 22, 2009

IE SP Vol 2 Lab 10

Here we go, the last of the labs I haven't looked at yet.

12:38am lab started

Layer 2
12:44am 1.1 complete, 3
12:48am 1.2 complete, 3
12:52am 1.3 complete, 3
1:02am 1.4 complete, 3, assuming pvc command satisfies requirement
Layer 2 complete, 12/12, 0:24

1:12am 2.1 complete, 3
1:28am 2.2 complete, 3. Unable to authen RIP. Verified no spaces, etc, assuming BB issue.
1:33am 2.3 complete, 3 points
IGP complete, 3/3, 0:31

1:48am 3.1 complete, 3. Tried confederations but ran into issues so went with local-as.

3:30am back from work break
3:46am 3.2 complete, 3 points
EGP complete, 6/6, 0:31

4:03am 4.1 complete, maybe--te w/o mpls on each interface

Well, after 2.5 hours of working on 4.2, I give up. As far as I can tell, I had everything right 2 hours ago. I ran into an issue where I was somehow missing my loopback 0 ip address, which wouldn't allow me to bring the tunnels up. I added this, and my tunnel through R9 worked fine. but the dynamic tunnel won't come up. I've checked and rechecked my interfaces, but it just won't work.

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