Sunday, March 8, 2009

IE SP Vol 2 Lab 4 Task 5

This one started out ok but got rough towards the end.

5.1 Complete, no issues
5.2 Complete, no issues
5.3 Complete, no issues
5.4 Ok, this task is just plan annoying. I hope the real lab doesn't require quite so many assumptions. I'm referring to the "Redistribute where necessary to advertise these prefixes". On top of redistribution, vrf's need to be assigned to interfaces not specified and bgp adjacencies need to be created that aren't specified. I hate when the lab does this. How am I supposed to know that we're allowed to create a bgp adjacency yet not a whole new vrf? Is this really a case of doing whatever I want that doesn't violate the lab requirements? I guess I'd just have to harrass the proctor on lab day...

5.5 Complete, no issues

5.6 I did this one all wrong. I knew it violated requirements but I went ahead an used a static route, simply because that's the way I've always done internet access before. I didn't even think about creating a new vrf and establishing the bgp session inside of it. I'll definitely have to commit that to memory.

5.7 I couldn't get nat working at all. It turns out that I needed to create a new loopback which reflects the nat pool. Something else I'll have to commit to memory, I guess. Another tidbit I should have realized--debug ip packet doesn't show MPLS traffic!!! Duh--MPLS is NOT IP. To track mpls, use debug mpls packets. But it doesn't show a whole lot, other than the labels. I wish there was a way to slow the router down and do deep inspection of mpls packets for debug purposes...


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