Sunday, March 8, 2009

IE SP Vol 2 Lab 4 Task 6

6.1 no issues
6.2 no issues
6.3 Multicast boundary filters access-list denies--needs permit any at the end.

6.4 Ugh--I forgot all about msdp. I'm gonna have to do some more reading on it. I know I understood it at one point for R&S, but those brain cells have long since died off.

6.5 Crashed my R1. After multiple attempts I can't get it back up :(. There's pretty much no hope of me rebuilding it. I'll have to try some different IOS versions. But no time for that now.

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Ahenning said...

6.5 Had the same issue with R1 in this task. Right after enabling multicast-routing for the vrf and configuring the mdt. Eventually I changed the IOS and idlepc to keep it up.