Saturday, March 14, 2009

IE SP Vol 2 Lab 6 Continued

4.1 no issues
4.2 no issues

Some good information is contained in the solutions guide for verifying the ldp session is encrypted. I'll all for verifying everything, and fully believe it was the reason I was able to pass R&S the second time.

First, find your ldp/tdp session:

Rack1R4#sh tcp brie
TCB Local Address Foreign Address (state)
6520C0C4 ESTAB
65185A8C ESTAB

Then check out the appropriate tcb (port 711 or 646). Note the flags section.

Rack1R4#sh tcp tcb 6520c0c4
Connection state is ESTAB, I/O status: 1, unread input bytes: 0
Connection is ECN Disabled, Mininum incoming TTL 0, Outgoing TTL 255
Local host:, Local port: 646
Foreign host:, Foreign port: 28294

Flags: passive open, retransmission timeout, gen tcbs, md5,

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