Friday, March 13, 2009

IE SP Vol 2 Lab 6 (Untimed)

I'm gonna see if I can squeeze this lab in on an unscheduled day so I can make it through all of them before the big day. 16 days to go...

Layer 2
1.1 No issues
1.2 No issues
1.3 No issues
1.4 No issues
Layer 2 complete, 12/12.

2.1 No issues
2.2 No issues
2.3 No issues
IGP complete, 9/9

3.1 No issues
3.2 No issues
3.3 No issues
3.4 No issues
3.5 I ALMOST had this. Of course almost equals nothing in the lab. I figured out what needed to be redistributed to get the ebgp adjacency up. I also figured out some admin distance changes needed to be made in as 100. But what I didn't get right is getting traffic from R3 to R6 flowing across the R1-R4 link. I knew it needed to be done, I just couldn't figure out how, within the scope of current BGP adjacencies. I ended up looking this one up. The trick was to advertise BOTH loopbacks on each AS100 router. Then I could easily adjust the metric on the AS 200 ABRs during redistribution.
EGP complete, 12/15

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