Tuesday, March 17, 2009

IE SP Vol 2 Lab 8

Layer 2
1.1 no issues
1.2 no issues
1.3 no issues
1.4 unfortunately I had to look this one up. All I needed to do was to create an mpls subinterface and configure mpls ip on it. I'm not sure why I couldn't figure that out. Been dealing with pvc's so much lately, and didn't even need one this time.

2.1 no issues
2.2 no issues
2.3 no issues
2.4 no issues

3.1 well I mapped the peer group, but I didn't actually use it. The task could have been a little more restrictive to actually for me to use it.

4.1 no issues
4.2 no issues

5.1 no issues
5.2 no issues, allowas-in
5.3 I used an export map, but the solutions guide wanted soo. Either way works fine.
5.4 I had to get creative on this one. A couple of TE tunnels with MED thrown in seemed to do the trick.
5.5 ok, the TE tunnel killed my redundancy. Now I could have probably done something really fancy with the tunnels to work around this, but it made more sense to get rid of them altogether and follow the solution guide. So I went with local preference, which for this task worked much better. Aside from that, some rip redistribution did the trick.
5.6 finally, an easy one

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