Friday, March 20, 2009

IE SP Vol 2 Lab 9

Time once again to change things up for a timed lab. This is the second to last of the Vol 2 labs. It also has a difficulty of 7, which generally means its difficulty closely mirrors that of the real thing. So I need to pay close attention to my performance on this one.

12:15am lab started

Layer 2
12:26am 1.1 complete
12:28am 1.2 complete
12:45am 1.3 complete, fun with inverse-arp. Will probably need point-to-multipoint for ospf.
12:48am 1.4 complete
12:53am 1.5 complete
Layer 2 complete, 10/10, 0:38

12:58am 2.1 complete
1:00am 2.2 complete
1:02am 2.3 complete
1:08am 2.4 complete
1:10am 2.5 complete
1:19am 2.6 complete
1:22am 2.7 complete, had to manually redis loopback on r1
IGP complete, 15/15, 0:29

1:24am 3.1 complete
1:28am 3.2 complete
1:30am 3.3 complete
EGP complete, 7/7, 0:08

1:33am 4.1 complete
1:36am 4.2 complete
2:05am 4.3 complete
MPLS complete, 8/8, 0:35

2:33am forced break
3:59am back from break
4:05am 5.1 complete
4:11am 5.2 complete
4:30am 5.3 complete
4:55am 5.4 complete
5:05am 5.5 complete, as-override
5:26am 5.6 complete, domain-id
5:32am 5.7 complete, export map
5:38am 5.8 complete, one label still shows, but it's in vrf 100, so should be ok
5:47am 5.9 complete
VPN complete, 25/25, 2:16

Time so far: 4:06

6:36am skipping multicast, having issues with p2mp network
taking break
10:25am back from break

10:30am 7.1 complete, assuming it's ok to do this from the router side instead of the switch side
10:35am 7.2 complete
10:40am 7.3 complete
Qos complete, 8/8, 0:15

10:46am 8.1 complete, permit means don't do uRPF check
11:13am 8.2 complete, got pppoe going!!!
11:30am time's up, almost had it
Security incomplete 6/11, 0:44

System Management, no time, 0/3
IP Services, no time, 0/5

Total possible, 79/100.
Time spent: 5:03 :(. I had too many distractions during the night and by time 6:30am got here I was just too tired to go on. I KNOW I could have completed 8.3, 9.1, 10.1, and 10.2. So all that really leaves is multicast. If this were my actual lab, I'm about 99% sure I would have passed it.

Reviewing the solutions to see if I missed anything:
Task 5.8 added the keyword forwarded
For 6.1, it looks like I did what I needed to . I remembered autorp listener and nbma mode, so I'm not sure why I couldn't get it to work.

Realistically, if I had 8 hours, I would have definitely got 8.3, 8.4, and 9.1. Most likely 10.1 and 10.2 as well, but even if I don't include those I'm still looking at 87%, which is passing.

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