Thursday, March 5, 2009

IE SP Vol2 Lab 4

Here we go, 3 days ahead of schedule, woohoo!

1.1 Complete, no issues
1.2 Complete, no issues
1.3 Complete, no issues
1.4 Complete, surprisingly. Even without inverse-arp or mappings, we can configure a p2p subinterface with a broadcast pvc. Per the solutions guide, the broadcast keyword isn't even required. I guess if you have a p2p subinterface with a single pvc, it assumes to send all traffic out that single pvc.

2.1 Complete, no issues
2.2 Complete, no issues. Minimum amount of commands means specify is-type under router isis instead of on each interface.
2.3 Complete, pretty poorly worded task, but adjusting the hello timers took care of it.
2.4 Complete, no issues, for md5 isis authen we need key-chains.
2.5 Complete, no issues

3.1 Complete, no issues
3.2 Complete, wow, the instructions sure could have been more specific here. Nowhere is it mentioned that redistribution should be done. Nowhere is it mentioned that the peering should come up here, just that it should be configured. I guess in theory I should have read the rest of the lab and figured out the design to know what must have to happen here.

Also, the neighbor next-hop-unchanged command stops an eBGP router from updating next-hop advertised from an iBGP peer.


Vignesh said...

Hello Ed Balow,

I am preparing for CCIESP. Currently am listening to IE COD and i thought of labbing up the topics listened from COD.

I run GNS on 4GB Ram with winxp. But still then my cpu show 100% just for 2 routers.I have changed my Idlepc value even after that i face the same issue. could you please provide me your .net files so that i can make use of them for my preparation.

Kindly guide me.

Ed said...

Please provide me with your email address and I'll send it to you. Also, make sure to only start 3 routers at a time, and hit enter to get each one to the enable prompt before starting more. Also ensure console timeouts are disabled. For some reason if the router sits at the login scree, it kills the cpu.

Vignesh said...

Hello Ed,

Thanks alot for your help and tips to reduce the CPU usage.I will try that now.

My email id

All the best for rest of your labs.