Sunday, March 1, 2009

IE Vol 2 Section 7

7.1 Complete. No issues, straight R&S stuff.
7.2 Complete. I need to remember not to use the nbar ftp, but to use an access-list of ftp, ftp-data, and gt 1023 to match ftp traffic.
7.3 Complete. I disagree with the solutions guide here. The requirements specify traffic should not be dropped "unless there is congestion in the transit path". To me this means setting DE, but the answers say to use queueing. In the lab a question to the proctor would be in order.
7.4 Complete, Qos-groups again. The key to keep in mind is that when traffic comes in an mpls interface, the only thing to match on is the mpls exp bits. Then on its way out of the router, if the tag is stripped, the exp bits are gone. So it's only possible to match on the packet itself. The other alternative is to use the Qos-group, with which the router associates an incoming packet internally, to remember to apply policies on egress.

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