Sunday, March 1, 2009

IE Vol 2 SP Lab 3

Here we go with lab 3, right on schedule. Again, I'll be spending a full week on this one, taking my time to research and experiment with anything I'm not confident on. This lab moves up to a difficulty rating of 8, so I'm assuming there will be some curve balls thrown in this time.

1.1 Complete, no issues
1.2 Complete, even in transparent mode, dynamips doesn't seem to allow extended vlans on the ethernet modules.
1.3 Complete, no issues
1.4 Complete, no issues
1.5 Complete, had to change the label protocol to tdp.

2.1 Complete, no issues--no DR? use p2p or p2mp
2.2 Complete, no issues--no area authen? put it on the interface
2.3 Complete, stupid mistake. I couldn't get the isis adjacency up across the frame-relay interface. I thought there may have been some trick here since the frame-relay map had to support clns. Turns out I missed configuring isis on the interface to begin with. A dumb mistake that would have cost me valuable time in the lab.
2.4 Wrong. I used the isis password command. However, this exchanges the passwords in plain text. To do md5, an authentication key-chain must be used ala rip and eigrp.

3.1 complete, no issues
3.2 complete, no issues
3.3 complete, no issues. I'm probably splitting hairs a bit here, but the maximum prefix drops the connection when the limit is exceeded. Since the requirements specify that if the table "continues to grow to 12,000", to me this means at 12,000 the connection should be reset, meaning maximum-prefixes is 11,999. I'd hope the lab wouldn't be quite this particular, but who knows.

4.1 Complete, no issues. Here's where the tdp requirement from earlier gets specified.
4.2 Complete, no issues.

Well so far this lab is laughable. I'm assuming it's gonna it rough here shortly, because the difficulty is nowhere near an 8 so far.

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