Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Next Steps

First off, I wanted to say thanks to everyone's comments over the past couple of days. I'm now trying to figure out what to do next.

I scheduled the lab this week because I have a family wedding to attend at the beach next week, so I'll be taking some time to relax and unwind. The big question is what to do next.

My score on the lab ended up right around 50%. I'm not surprised because not only did I spend all my time troubleshooting and point hunting, but I didn't have any time to verify (since I had no shot at even an 80, what was the point?). Typically I like to spend the last hour just going over the entire lab step by step verifying configs.

I could repeat the IE labs and lab up some of the SP mini scenarios . I really do believe 90% of the lab was covered by the IE labs. I would just rank the real thing as more of a 9 on the difficulty scale. I was studying for it like it'd be a 7, as was the case for the R&S lab. It turned out the actual lab was a little harder than the IE labs.

Another option would be to use IPexpert. I used them as well for R&S. I really found the annoying lack of clarity in the IPexpert tasks to be great practice for the lab.

I've also seen some folks recommend iementor.com's products for SP.

It looks like I'll have to wait until July to retake the lab, unless I want to schedule it for the week of Memorial Day, which I really don't.

I also think I'm going to buy a hard copy of at least one MPLS book. I've done ALL of my studying via Books Online and the DocCd, and I think I'd like to have something physical to thumb through.


Anonymous said...

I also have my lab coming up in 6 weeks time. btw, i have been using both IPexpert and IEWB. So far i have finished 5 labs from IE and all the labs from IPx vol1 and vol3, and 3 labs from IPx vol2. From my experience, i found out that IPexpert vol 2 is quite impressive. Maybe you wanna try that one.

Vignesh said...


My Kind Suggestion would be to try using IPX and also Mini scenarios incase if you are going to take the lab soon.

For MPLS book, my recommendation is to get
MPLS configuration on Cisco IOS software and MPLS fundamentals.

Start for the preparation soon so that you will be in same tempo.

Jose Zamora,jzamora@corporacionits.com said...

Hi guys,, how are you i am starting my prepration to SP LAB, at the moment i and focus in each topic at the time and doing the SP mini scenarios.
But i want to buy a workbook but i cant decide which is ideal for the lab and for me.
I have experienced in IP/MPLS networks implementations and in multicast too,, and my biggest weakness are ISIS and ATM cause are tecnologies in which i didn t work before.

Your recommendations are going to be very appreciate

Anonymous said...

What is IPexpert vol3? I heard vol2 has lot of mistakes but anonymous can u tell me whats your experience?