Monday, March 30, 2009

No Chance

I'm still waiting for the score report, but I know I don't have a chance to pass. Even if I got everything right that I thought I did, I'd still be left with less than 80.

So what happened? I can blame a little bit on poorly written tasks, but for the most part I simply wasn't ready.

There are still too many topics that I can figure out if I spend 15 or 20 minutes troubleshooting. I need to be automatic with all of these.

I lost an hour troubleshooting a stupid mistake that I would have caught right away if I had verified properly. What's worse is I did I verify it, but I missed something. Not only did I lose valuable time, but I kind of spooked myself when I got stuck on something so vital. By time I found it I was a little burned out as well.

I also didn't stick to my game plan. For some silly reason, I opted to skip the VPN diagram right away. I was having a hard time understanding some of the requirements, so I chose to jump right in instead of doing a diagram. What the heck was I thinking? Regardless, this may have made the VPN portion take longer than normal, but it wasn't a killer.

In a nutshell, there are 4 or 5 topics that I need to be COMPLETELY automatic on. I need to have the ability to look at the topology and already know the issues and how to work around them. This is the level I was at when I passed R&S.

When you can look at the topology and think "I bet they're gonna throw this, that, and this other thing at me, and here's how I'll work around it", then you're ready.

All in all, it was a fair exam. If I was a little more solid in 2 or 3 more areas, and had another hour, I believe I would have passed.

Internetwork Expert did a great job for preparing me for the exam. There material is great, I just plain wasn't ready yet. I need to put more time in.

I'm waiting for the score report now to see how I fared on the tasks I think I completed. If my total score is in the 60% range, then I'm right on track. If it's much lower than that, then I really misunderstood some of the requirements or my attention to detail faltered.

I plan on shooting for it again in May.


Vignesh said...


I am really sorry to see your update about the exam like this. I am damn sure you got wealthy knowledge to get out of such simple mistakes.

Please dont get depressed. I wish you all the best again. You will get that cleared soon.

May God bless you.Take Care.

Aragoen Celtdra said...

Keep your head up man! You'll get it next time. said...

Sorry to hear that bro but I am sure you will get it next time. Keep your head up!