Thursday, April 16, 2009

2nd Attempt Scheduled

I've scheduled my second attempt at the SP lab in RTP for June 26th. I spent last week on some much needed time off and put very little thought toward the CCIE or any work related matters. I've also decided to take a breather this week and next to re-energize for another full two months of lab prep.

After evaluating my failure, I feel the root cause was due to two factors.

First, toward the end of my studies I reverted to a brute force approach instead of taking my time and ensuring I fully groked the material. In the beginning of my studies I was very diligent in researching new topics, such as soo, down bits, and such subjects. But when I moved on to full scale labs, I stopped doing this. When something didn't work, I kept changing the config manically until I was able to get things to come up.

Second, I think I simply rushed into the lab too fast. I only really spent 2 months on full scale labs. I feel this was too much information too quickly for my brain to absorb. Since the next two months should be review and reinforcement, I'm hopeful the material will be much more natural to me.

I'm going to go back to rejuvination mode and will be back for studying at the end of April.


zayphyoe said...

Keep it up man.. i know you can surely make it this time..

Anonymous said...


I'm also working on my CCIE SP, I have yet to take the written and I'm finding your blog to be very insightful. I had a question on IE vs IPExpert. I'm curious, what verision of IE material do you have? Is it the one dated back in 2007? I'm planning on working through IPExpert's labs as they've served me well for the CCIE R&S but I was just curious about IE. Thanks. said...

Goodluck man! I am aiming for my R&S in june too and that will be my 3rd attempt.

Ahenning said...

keep up the good work and good luck for june.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i'm a sales engineer that working for an ISP that doesn't get to do alot of configuration, more customer facing. I have my ccna and am aiming for CCIE SP in future.

Should I just go for CCIE RS first then SP? Or is CCIE SP still achievable by first doing CCIP? I would like some advice on this if possible! Thanks

Vignesh said...

Hi Ed,

Welcome back to the preparation. Hope the time off get reenergized. Try some Amsoares Mini labs this time and someone in IE forum said that IPX workbooks are better for some troubleshooting part. If you feel you lost in Troubleshooting section during the 1st attempt try that as well else Narbik has said he will release his workbook in the month of May so hope you can have different view of the things asked in the lab. All the best again. I sure this attempt will make you a 2x CCIE.

Ed said...

Thanks everyone! To respond to the comments:

Yes, the Internetwork Expert SP workbook I had is probably the 2007 one. It was accurate to the current version of the exam, though.

I find most people go for R&S first and then go for SP. There appears to be a few examples of people who have not. Personally, I'd typically recommend R&S first since there are much more materials out there. Perhaps my biggest disappointment about SP is that there aren't any graded mock labs available. I found them to be my single most important resource to passing the R&S lab.

Yacine said...

Hi guys !

I'd like to give my advice for those who wanna pass their CCIE certification to take your time.
instead of failed many times, just study in depth on 12 months and pass it "for sure".
You'll be more confident and less under pressure.

Gavin Blackman said...

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