Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IPExpert SP Volume 3 Lab 1

Section 1:
sh frame-relay pvc can verify a DE list via "in DE pkts" and "out DE pkts"

Section 2:
Wow, I totally misread the span session requirements. Even if I had read it right, rspan isn't a problem, but remembering to add it to be allowed across the trunk likely would have been.

Section 3:
no issues

Section 4:
More stupid mistakes. MFR isn't a problem as long as the solution's guide is followed. However I duplicated another ip address which caused 50% success. I spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting what I thought was a physical layer issue before a debug ip packet showed half my packets trying to go out another interface.


Vignesh said...

Hi ED,

I have a general question about IP Expert Vol 3. When i checked the ip expert site they got only 2 volumes vol1 and vol2. Could you please tell me which volume you refer as vol3.

Ed said...

I'm referring to the Lab Mentoring Kit with Video Tutorials

Vignesh said...

Thanks Ed. Prepare well. As i read from other blogs, here is what the recommend approach other says.
1. INE Vol1
2. IPX Vol1
3. IPX Vol2
4. INE Vol2

I think Rick Mur who cleared SP recently said Lab Mentoring Kit with Video Tutorials seems basic and if your are in advanced stage, he asked to skip this volume.
Just thought of sharing it with you. It may help you.