Monday, May 25, 2009

IPExpert SP Volume 3 Lab 2 Cont

No issues

No issues

No issues. I correctly chose to use an import map. Strangely, I had only configured export maps before, so it was nice to use the other method for a change.

PE-CE Routing:
I missed an earlier requirement to configure all bgp peers for soft-reconfig. When the new bgp peering session was created, this should have been configured as well. Aside from that, I didn't have any issues with the intuitive redistribution. Would have been a -3, but I messed up this task to begin with anyway, so omitting the requirement here didn't hurt me.

I almost missed the match-any when I did http and secure-http. Aside from that, during verification I was able to verify secure-http, but couldn't get http to show up in the counters. I have a feeling it's just NBAR looking for a certain pattern that I wasn't providing.

Also, for CBWFQ the solution specifies fair-queuing on the default class. While this is often a good idea to confiure in practice, I don't see where this is specified in the lab.

Lab 2 Complete. In general, this lab is still too easy. However, it is getting trickier with the knobs and early requirements getting "undone" by later tasks. There were a few options that I hadn't configured before, which is a good thing.

Total score: 89/100. The points were missed due to misundersanding bgp and isis knobs, lack of experience with mlg virtual-templates, and a stupid snmp mistake. I'm not concerned. I just hope the topology and multicast get more complex in the next few labs. Topics such as domain-id, down bits, TE, send-labels, SOO, and mtp haven't even been touched yet.


Anonymous said...


Have you tried IPX SP Vol 2? What are the differences between those? I'm in the same situation as you, and I thinking about purchasing IPX WB.
Btw, may I add you in my study group list?My MSN is

Ed said...

I haven't tried Vol 2 yet, but from what I gather, Vol 3 is almost like a bridge between R&S and SP. So far it seems like it'd be best to do Vol 3 first and then jump to Vol 2.