Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Final Preparations

Ok, I think I'm done labbing. I don't want to burn myself out by Friday.

First I'd like to critique my approach last time. I made two major mistakes. First, I didn't redraw the lab diagram. Second, I didn't draw a vpn diagram. I fully believe the failure to do this contributed to my failure. I typically draw an IGP/multicast diagram and a VPN/BGP diagram. Not sure why I didn't do this on the real thing.

Here's what worried me before the last lab:
1. PPPoE: I was struggling before and I usually get it to come right up now. DHCP, local pools, and encryption are non-issues.
2. L2VPN: I setup a few xconnects. Still not much to it so hopefully this won't be a problem.
3. IS-IS knobs: IP Expert covered these really well and I feel a lot better about them now.
4. Advanced BGP features: No change here, but they're still covered well in the doccd
5. MPLS knobs: These are covered well on IPexpert
6. Multicast: MSDP is going much better now, but really convoluted setups can still throw me off.
7. QoS: I think I understand qos-groups better now
8. Security: No change
9. System Management and IP Services: No change
10. VPN: I feel MUCH better about VPN now. I thought I had it down before, but I was really pretty clueless with the inter-as stuff. I'm really comfortable with option 1 and 2, and 3 is going well now too.

Since my last attempt, here's what I accomplished:
INE: Repeat labs 1 and 2
IPX: Vol 3 labs 1-4 and Vol 2 labs 1-3.
All in all, I found the single best next step in preparing for the lab to be IPX Vol 2 lab 1. But I guess Friday will be the real judge for that.

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CCIE Paradise said...

Good Luck!!! I'm sure you'll get it this time around.